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One of the great privileges of Christian ministry is sharing in the moment when a man and woman join together as one in marriage.

Christian marriage is about more than the joining of a husband and wife, it’s a symbol of something God is doing in this world.  From the start of creation, before this world was ever broken, God designed men and women to be together.  He said Himself that it was not good for them to be alone.  The need we experience for another person is not a sign of weakness or of something wrong in the world – to the contrary – it’s actually an echo of Eden’s perfection.  Now some, it’s true, may never marry or even desire marriage.  Some may question whether it’s such a good idea at all!  Yet, while a few do seem to be gifted for single-hood, others long for marriage, and many ache in an experience of this now broken world that sometimes denies its real fulfillment.

God designed marriage as a way of communicating with us about Himself.  Entwined in the most heart-centred experience of human life is a symbol:  Though men and women are so different, they can yet be joined by love into a relational unity.  In the same way, though humankind and God are so different, we too can be joined with Him.  This symbol is meant for the whole world – an invitation that despite the great divide between what we are like and what God is like, we can be relationally reconciled to Him.  It’s because of these long standing scriptural and theological foundations that the heterosexuality of Christian Marriage is considered a non-negotiable.

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