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Let’s wonder together at all the signs of God’s Kingdom at work and advancing in this world.

Pastor Bob currently serves at Kanata Baptist Church (KBC) in the west end of Ottawa.  The opinions expressed by Pastor Bob on this website are his alone, and do not reflect those of Kanata Baptist Church or any other group or organization with which Pastor Bob is or has been affiliated.


  More About the Rev. Bob Davies

Bob Davies was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario.  Though the church was generally at a distance during Bob’s youth, the Lord used ministries like Stockade, and Camp Kwasind, to speak into Bob’s life.  A few years later, youth leaders at Agincourt Baptist Church connected Bob with Youth for Christ’s ‘Praise Gatherings’ where he heard the message of Jesus in a contemporary musical language he could understand.  Within a year of making a decision to follow Jesus, in the midst of a difficult time at the church, Bob realized God was also calling him vocationally into the Christian ministry.

After completing an undergraduate in Religious Studies focused on Christian Origins and Ethics at the University of Toronto, Bob traveled to Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia for his Master of Divinity seminary degree.  Commissioned to serve by Acadia, Bob continued some academic work, volunteered with the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship ministry at Acadia, and enjoyed his first pastoral charge in 1998 as the Pastor of Inglewood United Baptist Church in the African United Baptist Association in Nova Scotia.

In 2001, Bob accepted the call to pastor Christian Baptist Church in Newmarket, Ontario.  During his ministry in Newmarket, Bob served as Chair of the local Ministerial Association from 2003 to 2007, sat on the Spiritual Care Advisory Committee of Southlake Regional Hospital from 2004 to 2007, and served as an on-call Chaplain there from 2003-2008.

During Bob’s time in Newmarket, he was also introduced to the inspiring Jonathan Wamback and his parents Joe & Lozanne.  Jonathan had survived a brutal attack by young offenders in the community, and that event led their family to become vigorously active for justice and fairness for crime victims and their families by establishing the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation (CCVF).  Hearing the ongoing stories of loss and injustice, Bob continues to express the critical need for support for victims of crime and their families, and is supportive of the Canadian Parents of Murdered Children (CPOMC) whose nomination lead to Bob being awarded the 2012 Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for support for victims of crime.

In 2008, Bob joined the pastoral staff of Kanata Baptist Church in Ottawa, Ontario, and in 2014 accepted the Pastoral Team Leader role at KBC.  At the centre of Bob’s personal sense of God’s call is the work of preaching and speaking, and at KBC Bob has been able to pursue his love for that spiritual art with real freedom.  Over the past years Bob’s attention has focused on Spiritual Formation, and on theological issues related to liberty, economics, and civil society.

In 2003, Bob married Michelle, the owner and operator of Kanata Dentures.

In 2007, Bob and Michelle were blessed by the birth of their daughter Kayleigh.  In 2009 Kayleigh became a big sister to our Mighty Warrior, Owain.

A voice in every place possible:

 A witness to God’s mercy and grace as He pours it out on everyone;

Declaring the glory and advance of His Kingdom;

Calling for Servants to follow Him;

Crying out for mercy and justice for the brokenhearted, alienated, and victimized;

Defending the liberties God has given to each person.

The Spoken Word,  from the Heart,  for the Kingdom.

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